Monday, March 28, 2011

Bragging Rights

Hi everyone, I am making a fast post because we are getting ready to go to see our son who is gong to graduate from the United States Marine Corps Officer School He has worked hard to get where he is at and will see the fruit of his labor. His job after this will be a tank commander for four tanks and 15 men. I can't believe that my little boy is going to be in charge of some massive machinery. We are so proud and we pray that he will be safe in wherever he goes!


  1. Sally,

    What an honor, I can feel your smile and the pride that lies within. This is awesome. Congrats to your son!

  2. Wow -that is greawt! Congrats to your son & prayers he will stay safe always.

  3. You have a right to be proud of your son,
    congrats to him for a job well done! Not
    only should you be proud, but all of America, too!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Sally,
    Thank you for sharing...From one Military Mom to another...Hooorah...Congrats to all of you and Thank your Son from all of us!

  5. Congrats to your son and please thank him for his service! My son is in the Army:)