Friday, September 2, 2011

Rug Hooking

Hi ladies, it has been very busy here with my shop and my craft classes and oh yes, week-end boating. Got to love summer! I just wanted to touch base with everyone to say... yes, I am still around. It has been a crazy summer. It went so fast! I am now starting to roll up my sleeves and get busy for the holiday season. But for now, I wanted to speak a little bit about our new rug hooking group. We started this group a few months ago and I am so amazed at close the ladies are getting to be. We get together right now every other month to hook whatever we have started. I really enjoy getting together and talk about rugs, crafts, and about life's happenings. We have already had one tragedy in our group. One of the ladies had cancer and past away on July 16th. She will be sorely missed. It was through my first Hook- In March that I held that Marge, Linda and Leslie started to become friends. They were the only friends that Marge had that was by her side through the worst of it. I was honored that God brought them together at my Hook-in. So Now we must move on, pick up the pieces and hold Marge in our hearts at each meeting. I am so in love with rug hooking. I just had my class for a hooked chair pad and everyone seem to really enjoy it! So it is now on to our group next week. I have so much to say but I need to keep focused on the happenings of my shop and classes. thank you for sticking with me even though I stop by so rarely!! I will try to do better.......Beth N., you know who you are..:) ahahahah... Well, I hope you enjoy whatever your hands keep you busy!! sally

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